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Easter Story

   Teach your child the story of Easter and help them better understand the Easter story with a kids craft.

Jesus had been traveling to the town of Jeruselm when the people of a town came out  and wanted to meet Jesus. They began to gather around and praise God and Jesus. This upset Pharisees. The next morning the enemies came to Jesus and placed a crown of thorns on his head. Then they nailed his hands and feet to the cross.
Jesus’ followers stood sadly by watching as Jesus hung on the cross dying. Just before the sun was starting to go down Jesus’ followers noticed that he was no longer breathing so they went to Pharisees and asked if they could take Jesus’ body and bury him. Pilates agreed and they took Jesus wrapped his body in clean cloths and placed him into the tomb to bury him. As Pharisees  started thinking about Jesus he remembered Jesus saying that he would rise again after three days. Pharisees thought this might be true so he placed a large stone in front of the tomb and placed guards at the tomb to keep a watchful eye.
The next day Mary and some other followers went to the tomb to place spices and perfume on Jesus’ body. When they arrived they found the stone had been moved and there was an angle inside the tomb. The angel spoke to Mary and told her that Jesus was gone and that he had risen. She told Mary to go tell the other disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead.

We have learned that Jesus died on the cross because He loves us and forgives us our sins. We know that he died and rose, the same way you can bury a seed and it will rise from the ground.

Supplies Needed:
Small Terra Cotta Pot
Seeds- beans, orange, lemons, etc

#1: Fill the terra cotta pot with soil
#2: Make a small hole to drop your seed into
#3: Drop your seed into the container
#4: Place the pot in a sunny location and water regularly.
#5: Watch as the seed rises from the dirt

Palm Sunday Kids Banner Craft

   The Palm Sunday Kids Banner Craft is a fun and easy to make Sunday School Kids Craft. Using items from around the house to make this adorable kids craft.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Paper  Towel Roll
Makers or Crayons

#1: Cut 2 Strips of Paper. Length wise.
#2: Place these two strips of paper over top the paper towel roll and glue each end to a sheet of construction paper. The paper towel roll is acting as the rod for the banner.
#3: Decorate the construction paper with leafs, crosses and flowers.
#4: Write the words “We love Him because He first loved us- 1 John 4:19” on the banner
#5: Hang in your home or church to remind you of Jesus.

Christian Easter Crafts

   Your child can be creative while they learn about Jesus with this fun printable Christian Easter Craft. All your child needs is their printable egg and crayons and set them loose to create a Christian masterpiece.

Supplies Needed:
Printable Easter Egg:
Egg Template.pdf (19.01 kb)
Hole Punch
Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the printable Easter Egg
#2: Cut out the printable Easter Egg
#3: Decorate the Easter Egg with fun messages: Such as Jesus is alive, Happy Easter, He is Risen, WWJD, I believe in Jesus Christ, I am a child of God
#4: Decorate your egg with your markers or crayons, add glitter to your egg
#5: Use the hole punch to place a hole in the top of the egg
#6: Thread the ribbon through the hole an tie the two ends together
#7: Once your egg is dry hang it up!

Easter Tomb Craft

   Teach your child about the importance of Easter and the story of Jesus with this simple and easy to follow Easter Tomb Craft. They will have fun and be creative while learning about Easter

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam Ball
2 Popsicle Sticks
Markers or Paint

#1: Glue two popsicle sticks together. So they look like a cross.
#2: Rub the bottom of the Styrofoam ball on a rough surface. Do this until the Styrofoam ball sits on a flat surface without rolling around. You may want to do this outside because it makes a bit of a mess.
#3: Place the popsicle sticks into the top and middle of the Styrofoam ball
#4: Decorate the foam by sticking flower and ribbon into the foam.

Send us an email with a picture of your Easter Tomb Craft. We would love to display it on our site!

Daniel and the Lion Youth Bible Craft

   You are never along because God is always with you. Daniel had powerful enemies but he had powerful faith too. Make a this lion craft to represent the power of faith

Daniel was the Kings helper but none of the other helpers liked Daniel because he worked harder and did much better work then them.  So one day the helpers decided to get Daniel in trouble. They came up with a nasty plan to use Daniel’s religion against him! They told the King to make a law that nobody should be able to ask for anything from any god or man except for the king. And if someone asked for anything from any god or man besides the king they were to be thrown into the lions’ den. Daniel heard of the law but he could not obey that law. He loved God and only prayed to God. So when he prayed to God the other helpers ran and told the king. The king had no choice but to throw Daniel into the lions’ den.  God meanwhile had sent an angel to be with Daniel and protect him from the mouths of the lions. The next morning when the king checked on Daniel Daniel shouted out to the king, “May your majesty live forever! God has saved me so that you will know that I am innocent, and I have served you faithfully!” The king was so excited to see Daniel that he had Daniel taken out of the lions’ den and the other helpers were arrested and thrown into the lions’ den.

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Paper Cup
Crayons or Markers

#1:  In the lower center of the paper plate make a hole a little smaller then the rim of the cup
#2: Push the cup through the hole on the front of the plate (this will be the lions nose)
#3: Draw a face on the plate. Color the plate to look like a lion.