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Black Cat Handprint Kids Craft

   The Black Cat Handprint Kids Craft is a free holiday children's craft that creates a wonderful keepsake for Halloween.

Supplies Needed
Black Construction Paper
White chalk
Googly Eyes
Black pipe cleaner
Free Cat Face Template: Cat Face.png (115.89 kb)
#1:Trace your child’s hand on a sheet of black construction paper
#2: Print out the free cat face template
#3: Cut out the cat face template
#4: Trace cat face template on a piece of black construction paper
#5: Glue googly eyes on the cat face 
#6: Draw a mouth, nose and whiskers on the cat face
#7: Cut out your child’s hand you made on the construction paper
#8:Glue your cat face to the thumb portion of the handprint. With fingers facing down. The fingers are the cat’s 4 legs. 
#9: Glue pipe cleaner to the back of your child’s handprint. This will be the cat’s tail.



Lollipop Ghost

   You'll have a blast turning those ordinary lollipops into a spooktacular ghostly treat. The lollipop ghost make excellent party favors and are fun for everyone to make

Supplies Needed:
White Tissue Paper
String or Ribbon
Markers or Paint

#1: Take the lollipop and place the white tissue paper over the top of the lollipop
#2: Use your string to tie a bow at the bottom of the lollipop. Where the candy meets the stick.
#3: Use markers or paint to make a scary ghost face on your lollipop ghost
These lollipop ghost are great party favors for your guest to take home and remember their night of spooktacular fun!

Ways to display your lollipop ghost:
*You can stick these in a clay pot with flower foam in the bottom to hold them upright. Then cover the foam with tissue paper
*Stick them around a chocolate cake to make them look like they are gliding through a graveyard


 How did you display your lollipop ghost? Send us a comment or picture and let us know!


Frankenstein's Halloween Maze

   See if you can help Frankenstein get through his maze. Free printable Halloween coloring book pages available for you to print from your home computer

Supplies Needed:

Crayons or Markers

Printable Frankenstein Maze: Frankenstein.pdf (81.32 kb)


#1: Print out the Frankenstein Maze

#2: See if you can get through Frankenstein's Halloween Maze

Find out how to have the scariest house on the block.  Can you hear the ooh's and ahh's of the neighborhood kids as they stroll by your house, this Halloween, to see the mini-masterpieces you've created? Click Here!