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Cinco De Mayo Decorations

   Get ready for Cinco De Mayo with some fun Cinco De Mayo Decorations from Kids Craft Zone.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper (Red, White and Green)

#1: Cut the red, white and green construction paper into long strips
#2: Take a strip of paper and glue the ends together so it looks like a circle.
#3: Attach the second strip of paper by looping it through the first strip and gluing the ends together.
#4: Continue doing this until you have yourself a long Cinco De Mayo chain!

Cinco De Mayo Day Balloon Activity

   Your children will have a blast creating and playing with this Cinco De Mayo Day Balloon activity.

Supplies Needed:
Red Balloon (can also use green or white)
Red, Green and White Streamers
Markers or Paint 

#1: Blow up a balloon and knot
#2: Attach streamers to the balloon by tying them onto the knot
#3: Decorate your balloon with markers or paint and allow to dry.
#3: Run around outside waving your Cinco De Mayo balloon in honor of Cinco De Mayo or tie to your mailbox to show your support!

Cinco De Mayo Maracas

   Get ready to shake your Cinco De Mayo Maracas with this fun and exciting Cinco De Mayo kids craft

Supplies Needed:
2 Paper Plates
Beans, Corn, Rice or Popcorn
Markers or Crayons  (red, green, white)

#1: Decorate your plates using crayons or markers. Try coloring the Mexican flag on your maracas. The flag colors are green, white and red.
#2: Place a handful of beans on a plate and then place the other plate on top
#3: Lay the top of the streamers on the plate while the other end dangles. You may also use cut strips of tissue paper
#4: Staple the two plates together along the rim
#5: You are ready to make lots of noise by shaking them!

Cinco De Mayo Bracelet

   Create a fun and exciting Cinco De Mayo Bracelet with your child, along with hundreds of other kids crafts

Supplies Needed:
Variety of Dried Beans 

#1: Take a piece of tinfoil and fold it in half about 1 inch thick.  
#2: Wrap it around your child’s wrist so you know how long to make the bracelet.
#3: Glue beans to the tinfoil
#4: Set aside and allow to dry
#5: Once the bracelet is dry your child can wear it proudly on Cinco De Mayo

Kids Party Hat Shake Down

   No children's birthday party is complete without the Kids Party Hat Shake Down Game. This kids birthday game will have everyone laughing!

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Party Hat
Gum Balls

#1: Cut a hole in the side of the Birthday Party Hat
#2: Place the party hat on the child’s head
#3: Place a gum ball inside the hole of the party hat
#4: The child needs to shake their head back and forth to get the gum ball out of the party hat hole. They are not allowed to use their hands except to hold the party hat on their head if they are having trouble.
#5: The first child to get the gum ball out of their party hat wins!