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4th of July Games

   Your family will have a blast playing these great Independence Day, and summer games! Lots of different 4th of July activities to choose from the hard part is deciding which one to do first

Supplies Needed:
Printable Barbecue Items:

hamburger.pdf (46.25 kb)

Grill.pdf (35.32 kb)

Pie.pdf (39.37 kb)

Tomato.pdf (13.20 kb)

Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the barbecue items. You will need one item for each person playing the game
#2: Give a barbecue item to each child and have them color the barbecue item
#3: Have each child glue their colored barbecue item to a sheet of construction paper
#4: Have each child cut out their colored barbecue item
#5: This 4th of July game is like musical chairs. Set all the colored barbecue items in the center and have the children make a circle around the items.
#6:  Tell the children that when the music turns off they will need to grab any barbecue item from the center of the circle. The one without a barbecue item is out.
#7: Turn on the music. And then turn off the music.
#8: Each time someone goes out of the game a barbecue item must be taken from the center until you have a winner!

Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know if you had fun playing this 4th of July Game.

4th of July Decorations

   The 4th of July is a time to show everyone your patriotic spirit. Show off your patriotism with some easy to make 4th of July decorations.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper (Red, White and Blue)

#1: Cut the red, white and blue construction paper into long strips
#2: Take a strip of paper and glue the ends together so it looks like a circle.
#3: Attach the second strip of paper by looping it through the first strip and gluing the ends together.
#4: Continue doing this until you have yourself a long patriotic chain!

Where did you hang your 4th of July Decorations? Send us a comment and let us know!

Act Like Your Dad

   Create a story about your Dad then act it out using props from around your house

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons



#1: Take some paper (how much paper depends on how many pages you want your story to be) and place a row of staples on the left side of the paper, to create a book.

#2: Begin by placing the title of your book on the first page. On each additional page create a story about your Dad, leaving room for a picture.

#3: Create a drawing for each page of your story book

#4: Now its time to act out your story out. Make sure to use fun clothes to dressup as your Dad and other characters in your story. Use boxes and household items as props.

* Dress Up Ideas: Use old fabric to make hair. Foil covered cardboard for police badges. Old curtains for a nice ball gown. Tulle for a bride or ballerina. Shoe Boxes for Shoes. Plate for a Steering Wheel. Bowl as a hat.


Kids Paper Plate Mitten Wreath Craft

   Mittens are not just for playing in the snow! Create a fun winter kids craft out of a paper plate.

Supplies Needed:
Mitten Template:
Construction paper
Hole Punch

#1: Print out the Mitten Template
#2: Cut out the Mitten template
#3: Trace the mitten template on a piece of paper
#4: Cut out the mitten you traced.
#5: Decorate the mitten you cut out using markers or crayons. Try adding glitter, bows, buttons and other fun decorations to your mitten.
#6: Use the hole punch to create a hole in the top of the mitten. Away from where your fingers would be on the mitten
#7: Thread your ribbon through the hole you just created and tie a knot.
#8: Now your mitten ornament is ready to hang on your tree!

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Craft

   Get your kids involved in making fun crafts for your dog. Your dog and children are sure to enjoy this homemade treat dispensing dog toy craft.

Supplies Needed: 

Old Tennis Ball
Dog Treats

#1: Have a parent help you cut a slit in the side of an old tennis ball
#2: Put a dog treat inside the slot of the tennis ball
#3: Give this fun toy dispensing dog treat to your dog to play with.