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Labor Day Coloring Pages

   Discover dozens of free Labor Day coloring pages at Kids Craft Zone. The hardest part of our free Labor Day coloring pages is figuring out which one to color

Supplies Needed:

Marker or Crayons

Printable Labor Coloring Pages 

#1: Print out your favorite free Labor Day Coloring Page

Teacher.pdf (69.50 kb)

chef.pdf (40.12 kb)

Firefighter.pdf (74.34 kb)

Mailman.pdf (43.61 kb)

police.pdf (63.38 kb)

Sweeper.pdf (33.88 kb)

#2: Color your Labor Day Coloring Page

4th of July Trivia

   Think you know your 4th of July Trivia? Well think again! Keep your guest entertained this 4th of July with our 4th of July Trivia challenge

Supplies Needed:
Printable Star:
star.pdf (29.09 kb)

Printable 4th of July Trivia:4th of July Trivia.pdf (13.09 kb)

Construction Paper (red, white and blue)
Hole Punch
Yarn or String

#1: Print out the printable star and printable trivia
#2: Cut out the printable star
#3: Trace the printable star on construction paper. You will need 10 stars total. Try alternating between red, white and blue construction paper for a 4th of July theme.
#4: Cut out the 10 stars you traced on the construction paper
#5: Write a different trivia questions on each of the stars. The questions go on the front of the star and the answers on the back of the stars.
#6: Place a hole in the top of each star using your hole punch
#7: Take your yarn and thread it through each of the holes on top of the stars. Make sure to have all the stars facing with the trivia question on top.
#8: Hang your 4th of July trivia stars on the wall or over a door way. So that each person coming to your party can read the trivia questions and then flip over the star to reveal the answer.

Earth Day Craft Ornament

   Earth Day is a day about learning how to take care of the planet. Teach your child with our fun Earth Day activities, such as the Earth Day Craft Ornament

Supplies Needed:
Large Styrofoam Ball
Paint-Brown and Blue
Sharp Pencil
String or Yarn


Earth Day Pine Cone Bird Feeder Activity

   Help feed the birds this Earth Day with a fun outdoor Earth Day activity. If we all do our part this Earth Day we can make a difference

Supplies Needed:
Pine Cone
Peanut Butter
Bird Feed
Plastic Knife
String or Ribbon
Paper Plate


Earth Day Chain Activity

   If we each do our part we can make a difference on Earth! Create a Earth Day Chain Activity to show what you are going to do to help planet Earth

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper Scraps or Old Newspapers
Markers or Crayons