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Kids Compost Pile

   Show your appreciation to Earth by creating a kids compost pile at home this Earth Day. It’s fun, educational and also very easy

Supplies Needed:
Chicken Wire or Aluminum Bin with holes in the bottom
Fertilizer or Manure
Pitch Fork
Compost Items: twigs, grass clippings, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetable peelings, hay and fruit scraps, hedge clippings (Don’t compost meat, bones, fish or grease)


Earth Day Edible Treat

   Encourage your child to learn about Earth Day with this tasty Earth Day Edible Treat

Supplies Needed:
Chocolate Pudding Mix
Oreo Cookies
Gummy Worms
Zip Lock Bag

#1: Place Oreo cookies inside the zip lock bag. Then have a child bang on the bag until all the cookies are broke up
#2: Use the broke up Oreo cookies on the bottom of the cups
#3: Mix the Pudding and milk to make pudding.
#4: Pour the pudding into the cups over the Oreo cookies. Fill the cups about ½ an inch before the top
#5: Refrigerate the pudding until it sets
#6: Add more broke up Oreos to the top of the pudding
#7: Add a gummy worm or two on top of the broke up Oreo cookies to make the pudding cup look more like dirt!

Earth Day Tablecloth Craft

   Earth Day is a wonderful time to do outdoor kids crafts and activities. Enjoy the wonderful outdoors while making this Earth Day Tablecloth Craft

Supplies Needed:
Old tablecloth or large sheet
Brown and Green Paint
Paint Brush


Youth Happiness Journal

   It's important to remember the things that make us happy. Try to write down your happy thoughts everday to remind us of that great feeling

Supplies Needed:




#1: Each day before you go to bed write down at least 5 things that made you happy that day

#2: Every morning read your list from top to bottom so you'll remember those good feelings!


Let us know what you are thankful for by leaving it in our comments section!