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Winter Clay Pot Kids Craft

   Create a beautiful clay pot this winter with your kids to hold your poinsettia. You will cherish this winter kids craft forever.

Supplies Needed:
Clay Pot
Paint- blue and white
Paint Brush
Potting Soil

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Paint your clay pot blue
#3: Set aside and allow to dry
#4: Write with white paint one of the following: “Let it snow” or “Welcome Friends and Flakes”
#5: Set aside and allow to dry
#6: Draw snowflakes all around the clay pot
#7: Set aside and allow to dry
#8: Use the potting soil to plant a beautiful flower or poinsettia in the clay pot you decorated for a wonderful winter gift.

Garden Stepping Stone

   Give your garden a personal touch with a custom stepping stone

Supplies Needed:

Bag of Quick Setting Concrete



Plastic Gloves

Container to use as your mold (plastic planter saucer, pie pan)


Materials for Stepping Stone


#1: Design your stepping stone before you begin mixing the concrete. Try drawing a picture of what you want. Then gather all the items you will use.

*Materials to use in your stepping stone: leaves, broken tiles, rocks, foot, hand, name, coins

#2: Protect your work environment by placing plastic sheeting down. Put your plastic gloves on.

#3: Begin mixing the concrete following the manufacturer’s instructions. The mixture should be a peanut butter consistency.

#4: Once the mixture is mixed place the mixture into your container. If you are using a metal container make sure to spray it with cooking spray!

#5: Place the container on a level surface so that all the bubbles can leave the mixture

#6: Set the mixture aside for a few minutes so the mixture can begin to set.

#7:When the mixture is slightly set begin decorating your stone. If you are going to place a hand or foot print, spray it with cooking spray so the concrete won’t stick!

#8: Leave the stone set for about 4 days before you pop it out of the container and place in your garden!


How does your stepping stone look? Did you enjoy making it? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!


Panty Hose Garden Activity

   Teach your children about nature while helping them grow a wonderful garden indoors.You can turn panty hose into an easy to make face garden

Supplies Needed:

Panty Hose

Grass Seed


2 Small Elastics

Decorations for eyes, mouth, etc


#1: Have the children put 2 tsp of grass seed in the bottom of toe of the panty hose.

#2: Add 1-2 cups of dirt. Make sure the seeds stay in the top of the head, otherwise you’ll have hair sprouting from under the eyes.

#3: Use the small elastic to pinch off a nose about half way up the head.

#4: Use the second elastic to tie off the bottom.

#5: Decorate by pasting on eyes, mouth, ears, or what ever else intrigues the kids.

#6: Keep the Fuzzy Head in a small dish with water in the bottom. You can then style the hair with elastics, clips and scissors.



Milk Jug Bird Feeders

   Turn that old milk jug into a bird feeder

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Jug (milk jug) with lid

Utility Knife



Outdoor Decorations (such as sticks & leaves)

Bird Feed


#1: Rinse out plastic jug

#2: Send your child outside to collect outdoor decorations for the bird feeder. Such as sticks and leaves.

#3: Cut out three evenly spaced holes about two inches from the bottom using the utility knife

#4: Around the openings that were created place sticks for the birds to be able to perch on

#5: Continue to decorate the feeder with other items found outside

#6: Punch a hole in the lid and thread the string through in a loop form. Be sure the knot ends under the lid and place the lid back on

#7: Fill the feeder with bird see and hang it from a tree

Make your own yard sundial!

   You'll always know what time it is when you're outside with a yard sundail

Supplies Needed:




Watch or Clock

Playdough (optional)


#1: Gather 12 rocks. Paint the rocks with different colors. Make sure each rock receive a number 1-12

#2: Find a sunny spot in the lawn or on a sidewalk

#3: Place the stick in the ground or place a stick on a rock by using playdough to hold the stick upright

#4: Throughout the day check on your sundial to see what time it is and where the shadow is facing and what time your watch or clock says.

#5: Place the numbered rock in correspondence with the sun dial.