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Snow Measuring Stick Craft

   Your kids can measure the snow with their homemade Snow Measuring Stick Kids Craft.

Supplies Needed:
Paint Stirring Stick
Permanent Markers

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Paint your Paint Stirring Stick
#3: Set aside your paint stirring stick and allow to dry
#4: Use a Permanent Marker to mark on the paint stirring stick, 1 – 9 inches. You can make a small line to show each inch
#5: Next to each inch line write the number 1-9. Write the number that correlates to the correct inch marker.
#6: You are ready to measure how deep the snow is!

Candy Hunt Birthday Game

   Candy Hunt Birthday Game is a great outdoor kids birthday game. This is sure to be a ton of fun at any children's birthday party.

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Goody Bag (to collect items found)
Kids Birthday Goody Bag Supplies

#1: Create an Easter Egg Hunt for your child’s birthday party. Place candy and any birthday toys outside for the children to find.
#2: Give each child a goody bag to collect what they find.

#3: Send children outside to look for their treasures!

** Have the children hide the gifts they bring your child when they arrive for the birthday party as another fun game.

Family Halloween Tablecloth

   Each member of your family will enjoy making this Halloween table cloth that will go perfect with those halloween parties

Supplies Needed:


Fabric table cloth or old sheet



#1: Lay your table cloth on the grass outdoors or someplace where you have enough room to work without damaging the surface by paint

#2: Cut sponges in the shapes of ghost, pumpkins, black cat, withes hat

#3: Dip the sponges in paint and then press them against your table cloth. You can also use your handprint to create a spider!

Find out how to have the scariest house on the block.  Can you hear the ooh's and ahh's of the neighborhood kids as they stroll by your house, this Halloween, to see the mini-masterpieces you've created? Click Here!

Halloween Paper Lanterns

   Recycle those brown lunch bags and turn them into a fun and easy Halloween paper lantern. You can place them outside to light the way for trick or treaters

Supplies Needed:
Brown Lunch Bag
Sand or small rocks
Votive Candle or battery operated candle

Step 1: Take brown lunch bag and draw your favorite Halloween image on the bag. Make it simple because you will be cutting it out. Try a witch hat, cat, pumpkin, or spooky face.
Step 2: Cut out your  Halloween image
Step: 3: Place about an inch of sand or rocks in the bottom of the brown bag
Step 4: Place a tea light in the bottom of the bag or you can use a battery operated tea light for safety.
Step 5: Place your Halloween Paper Lantern outside to light  the way for trick or treaters!

What Halloween image did you place on your Halloween Lantern? Send us a comment or picture and share with others!

Children's Birthday Spoon Game

   This outdoor kids birthday game is sure to be fun. Using items from around your house the Children's Birthday Spoon Game is sure to be a lot of laughs.

Supplies Needed:
Hard Boiled Egg

#1: Create enough hard boiled eggs for children at the party
#2: Create a starting line and finish line in the grass using tape
#3: Line up the children behind the line and give them a spoon and hard boiled egg
#4: The object is to cross the finish line without dropping the egg. If they drop the egg they must start all over.
 *Can also do this as a relay race 
 *Could use water balloons or regular balloons instead of eggs also.