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Kids Catapult

   Have a blast creating this kids craft. The Kids Catapult is great for indoor or outdoor play! Just aim and fire at your friends for hours of enjoyment

Supplies Needed:
Milk Carton
Hole Punch
Rubber Band
2 Pencils


Make a Sword

   Don't throw away those paper towel rolls turn them into a fun, creative kids sword!

Supplies Needed:
2 Paper Towel Rolls
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Markers, Crayons  or Paint

#1: Take the 2 Paper Towel Rolls and interlock them by placing one roll inside the other. Then tape them.
#2: Cut the toilet paper roll in half
#3: Tape a half of the toilet paper roll on either side of the long paper towel rolls
#4: Decorate your sword using paint or markers


Bottle Cap Toss

   Are you bored on this rainy day? Try this fun, and exciting bottle toss activity. Who will be the winner at the end of round 10

Supplies Needed:



Bottle Caps (something easy to throw like checkers pieces, penny, pen caps, ect.)

Printable score sheet: Score Sheet.pdf (100.78 kb)


#1: Get up to 5 to 8 pieces of paper.

#2: Write numbers on the paper. These are going to be your points in the game.

* Make the game a little harder by cutting the largest number into a smaller square. Which will make it harder to hit!

#3: Print out score sheet

#4: Place the numbered sheets of paper on the floor(in a zig zag pattern. The sheets of paper should have the lowest number closest and the largest number furthest .)

#5:Toss the first object onto a paper and recorded the number.

#6: Take turns doing this for ten rounds.