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Independence Day Flag

   Create your own American flag this Independence Day with items you have around your home. You will not only be proud of your country when you waive your US Flag around but you’ll be proud of your artistic ability

Supplies Needed:
Paint Stick (or large craft stick)
Construction Paper (or thick paper)
Markers or Crayons


Independence Day Potato Sack Race

   Provide your family with hours of entertainment this 4th of July with an Independence Day game. Your family will have as much fun creating these potato sacks as they will playing with them

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers
Piece of Cardboard
Streamers (optional)
Balloon and pin (optional)


Patriotic Parade Signs

   Reserve your spot along the parade route this 4th of July with a fun craft project from Kids Craft Zone. All you need is objects from around your home and some creativity

Supplies Needed:
4-Paint Sticks
4 Pieces of Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons


4th of July Treasure Hunt

   Get in the 4th of July spirit with a fun 4th of July Treasure Hunt! Will you be able to find all the American flags and claim your 4th of July Trophy

Supplies Needed:
Printable Flags:

Small American Flags.pdf (110.59 kb)

Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the printable flags
#2: Cut out the printable flags
#3: Color the printable flags
#4: Write numbers on the backs of the flags. This is so you can keep track of how many flags you have to find and so you will know when you have found all the flags.
#5: Have one person hide all the flags.
#6: Once all the flags are hidden the treasure hunt begins!

Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know if you had fun playing this 4th of July Game by Kids Craft Zone!

4th of July Trivia

   Think you know your 4th of July Trivia? Well think again! Keep your guest entertained this 4th of July with our 4th of July Trivia challenge

Supplies Needed:
Printable Star:
star.pdf (29.09 kb)

Printable 4th of July Trivia:4th of July Trivia.pdf (13.09 kb)

Construction Paper (red, white and blue)
Hole Punch
Yarn or String

#1: Print out the printable star and printable trivia
#2: Cut out the printable star
#3: Trace the printable star on construction paper. You will need 10 stars total. Try alternating between red, white and blue construction paper for a 4th of July theme.
#4: Cut out the 10 stars you traced on the construction paper
#5: Write a different trivia questions on each of the stars. The questions go on the front of the star and the answers on the back of the stars.
#6: Place a hole in the top of each star using your hole punch
#7: Take your yarn and thread it through each of the holes on top of the stars. Make sure to have all the stars facing with the trivia question on top.
#8: Hang your 4th of July trivia stars on the wall or over a door way. So that each person coming to your party can read the trivia questions and then flip over the star to reveal the answer.