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Handprint Rainbow Craft

   God created a rainbow as a sign of his promise to never again destory the earth by floods. Make a handprint rainbow so you remember that God always keeps his promise

Once Noah’s ark was safely on dry ground God came to Noah and asked him to look up at the sky. As Noah looked up at the sky he saw all the storm clouds disappear and the sun came out. A large rainbow appeared in the sky and God said, "You see, my rainbow in the sky. This is a sign of my promise I have made to you and the animals to never again destroy the earth by flood. This rainbow will remind us of the promise made between each other."

Supplies Needed:






#1: Trace around your hand on a sheet of paper (Can also trace the hands of your family members)

#2: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic sheet

#3: Paint each hand a different color of the rainbow

#4: Cut each hand print out

#5: Glue the fingertips to the back end of the hand in an arch like pattern

#6: Enjoy your rainbow and remember, God always keeps his promise



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Noah's Ark Project

   Can you imagine spending 40 days on your boat with lots of animals? Create a boat to look like Noah's Ark

God created the world and all that was in it. He believed that he had done a good job. All this changed when Adam and Eve sinned. God forgave them at first but then the world become more wicked and God decided he was sorry he ever created man. So he decided he was going to destroy earth and everything in it. There was one man God trusted and loved, Noah. So God told Noah of his plan to destroy the earth. God gave Noah instructions to build a boat and place two of every kind of animal on the boat. God said they would have to live upon this boat for 40 days. Just as God had promised Noah, on the 40th day the rain stopped.

Supplies Needed:

Foam Tray (from fruits or vegetables)

Popsicle Sticks


Permanent Markers

#1: Wash and dry your foam tray

#2: Along the rim of the tray place popsicle sticks. One on top of the other until each side of the tray is about 2 inches tall

#3: Decorate your boat with markers

#4: You’re ready to sail your boat. Place the boat in the sink, bathtub or pool!


Was your boat sea worthy? Send us a picture or leave us a comment on how your ark turned out.

Lamb of God Activity

   Jesus is the lamb that God has provided to save our lives! Make your own sheep to hang on the wall so you can remember God is always with you

Supplies Needed:

Lamb Pattern: Lamb.pdf (22.32 kb)

 Cotton Balls

Markers or Crayons



#1: Print out the lamb pattern

#2: Cut out the lamb pattern

#3: Glue the cotton balls onto the lamb pattern

#4: Give your lamb eyes, nose and a mouth

#5: Remember God is always looking out for us and will provide us everything we need


Christian Door Hanger

   God is our shepherd and we are his sheep. He knows us by name and watches over everything we do. Create a door hanger as a reminder that he is always listening

In John 10:1-21 God said, "I am a good shepherd. I know each of my sheep by name and my sheep know me. Those who come through me will be saved. They will have everything they need." God is referring to us as his sheep and he is our shepherd!

Supplies Needed:

Sheep Pattern: Sheep Pattern.pdf (8.96 kb)


Cotton Balls

Markers or Crayons

Hole Punch




#1: Print the sheep pattern

#2: Cut out the sheep pattern. Cut a piece of ribbon (long enough to fit around the door knob)

#3: On the center of your sheep write "When you can’t sleep don’t count sheep Talk to the Shepherd."

#4:Using a hole punch place two holes at the top of your sheep. Place the ribbon through the two holes and tie knots (this will allow the sheep to hang on your door)

#5: Decorate your sheep with cotton balls and crayons

3D Animal Drawings

   It was the 5th day that God decided to create animals. What's your favorite animal

God created the heavens and the earth. It took him six days and on the seventh day he rested. It was the fifth day, God said, "Let there be animals upon the earth!" God made lions, tigers, bears, zebras and giraffes. He made monkeys to swing through the trees. He made fish to swim in the ocean. He made pigs to roll in the mud! He made all the animals you know today!

Supplies Needed:

Construction Paper

Markers or Crayons

Decorative Items



#1: Think about your favorite animal that God created and draw it on your paper

#2: Make your animal 3D:

Use pipe cleaners for the tail

Plastic Eyes

Craft Pom Poms for a Nose

Felt for Fur

Feathers for Fur

Leather scrapes for a mouth


What is your favorite animal? What did you use to make your 3D animal. Send us a comment or a picture and let us know!