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Bucket Toss Birthday Game

   No Birthday is complete without the fun Bucket Toss Game. This kids birthday game can be played inside or outside and is lots of fun for adults and children alike.

Supplies Needed:

6 pieces of paper

2 buckets

2 pieces of paper



#1: Take the 2 pieces of paper and draw birthday image on it. Such as a birthday cake, clown, or present

#2: Cut out the birthday image

#3: Tape the birthday image on each of the buckets

#4: Roll up the 6 pieces of paper to look like a ball

#5: A few feet back from the buckets use tape to make a starting line

#6: Make the children stand behind the tape line and toss the paper balls into the bucket

#7: The first child to toss all three of the paper balls in the bucket wins

Birthday Water Gun Activity

   Your birthday party will not be complete without a fun birthday game from Kids Craft Zone.Check out this exciting birthday water gun activity.

Supplies Needed:

Water Guns




Marker or Crayons

#1: Draw Birthday images on the paper. Make cakes, presents, clown faces, etc

#2: Cut out the Birthday images you made

#3: Draw a big or little red circle on the birthday image

#4: Tape the birthday image outside on a window or wall. Something you won't mind if it gets wet

#5: Use tape to mark a line a few feet back from the birthday images. This will be where the kids stand behind to shoot at the images.

#6: Setup water guns behind the line and have the children shoot at the red circle on the birthday image. Once the child gets the inside of the circle wet, they win the game!