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Kidz Tug of War Dog Craft

   Who will win the tug of war match with this homemade tennis ball and rope kids dog craft

Supplies Needed:

Tennis Ball




#1: Take the tennis ball and make two holes in each side. Big enough for your rope to go through.

#2: Thread your rope through the tennis ball

 #3: Tie a knot near the top of the ball

#4: Tie the second knot at the end of the rope

#5: You are now ready for your tug of war match!

Kids Dog Bow Craft

   Make your little dog princess look adorable with a bow made by you

Supplies Needed:



Permanent Marker


#1: Fold your ribbon in half and mark the center of the ribbon with your marker

#2: Turn the ribbon over so the wrong side is facing up

#3: Fold each end of the ribbon to the center and glue it down.

*If you are having trouble keeping the ribbon flat you may try ironing each crease before you glue.

Kids Dog Toy Craft

   Don't throw away those old mismatched socks. Make them into a dog toy for your favorite friend

Supplies Needed:

3 Used Socks


#1: Wash and clean your socks

#2: Take your longest sock and place the other two smaller socks inside

#3: Tie a knot above the stuffed area on the base sock

You have yourself a sock ball to play with your dog!

Kids Dog Leash Craft

   Walk your pet in style with a custom dog leash. Your dog never looked so good

Supplies Needed:

Fabric Paint

Dog Collar


#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#2: Decorate your dog’s leash with the fabric paint.

#3: Allow to dry and then take your new fashionable pooch for a walk!


What did you put on your dog's leash? Did you have fun making this craft? If so let us know by leaving us a comment!

Dog T-Shirt Activity

   Have your dog turn heads with their new custom t-shirt. Every dog in the neighborhood will be asking for one

Supplies Needed:

Old Kids T-shirt

Fabric Paint

Printable Dog Tracing Sheets

bone.pdf (24.44 kb)

Ball.pdf (19.28 kb)

Paw Print.pdf (26.01 kb)


#1: Print out the printable dog tracing sheets you would like to trace and cut them out.

#2: Place the printable dog tracing sheets on your T-shirt and trace around

#3: Decorate your dog t-shirt

*Funny Sayings for Dog Shirts

Rub my Tummy, Girly Girl, Did Somebody Spell Walk, Prissy Girl, Bad Hair Day, I love My Dog, Will Work For Treats

#4: Allow t-shirt to dry before he tries it on!