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Dog Collar Craft

   This easy to do craft will have your dog looking like a fashion pooch and wearing their collar with style

Supplies Needed:

Elmer’s 3D Glitter Glue Pens or Fabric Paint

Dog Collar


#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#2: Decorate your dog’s collar with the glitter glue pens or fabric paint.

Write their name on the collar. Draw pictures of their favorite dog toys. Draw dog paws

#3: Allow to dry and then place it on your new fashionable pooch!

Dog Toy Chest Craft

   Keep all your dogs tidy with this do it yourself dog toy chest craft

Supplies Needed:

Shoe Box or Cardboard Box

Crayons or Markers

Construction Paper

Printable Dog Sheets:

Ball.pdf (19.28 kb)

bone.pdf (24.44 kb)

Dog.pdf (41.39 kb)

Paw Print.pdf (26.01 kb)

Word Dog.pdf (17.45 kb)


#1: Print out the printable dog sheets that you would like to use

#2: Cut and glue construction paper to fit around your box. Cut to fit each side of the box.

#3: Cut, color and glue on dog decals that you printed.

#4: Decorate your dog toy chest. Add your dogs name. Add a picture of your dogs favorite toy

#5: Place all your dogs toys in their new toy chest!


Does your dog enjoy their new toy chest? Did you have fun making the toy chest. Send us a picture or a comment and let us know!

Kids Dog Bowl Craft

   Make your dog their own personalized dog dishes to eat from

Supplies Needed:

Paint or Markers

Plastic Bowl

#1: Using paint or permanent markers decorate the outside of your pets bowls

#2: Allow to dry before using!

*Design Ideas:

Draw paws around the rim of the bowl. on the bowls, Draw dog toys around the bowls. Draw Dogs around the bowls.. Write their Name on the bowls. Write "Drool is Cool". Write "I’m a Cool Dog". Write "I live for treats". Write "Food" & "Water". Write "Woof". Write "Keep your paws out of my dish"