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Music Sheet

   Record your music on this printable sheet

Supplies Needed:

Printable Sheet:  Music Sheet.pdf (33.26 kb)

Pen, Pencil or Crayons


#1: Print the PDF Music Sheet document

#2: Record each sound your instrument makes. You can do this by using a color or number system

Comb Buzzer

   Create magical music with a comb

Supplies Needed:

Pocket Comb

Tissue Paper


#1: Fold the tissue paper over the tooth side of the comb

#2: Play by humming through the tissue paper



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Make Your Own Kazoo

   Gather all your instruments and make your own marching band

Supplies Needed:

Toilet Paper Roll

Waxed Paper


Rubber Band

Crayons or Markers


#1: Decorate your tube by using markers or crayons

#2: Cut a square out of the wax paper

#3: Place the square of waxed paper on the end of the tub and secure it with the rubber band

#4: Play your Kazoo by gently humming into the open end of the Kazoo

Make your own Guitar

   You'll have a blast struming your new guitar

Supplies Needed:

Shoe Box

Rubber Bands

Ruler or stick

Glue or Tape

Markers or Crayons

#1: Decorate your shoe box using crayons or markers 

#2: Wrap and stretch the rubber bands to fit around the shoe box (make sure the lid is removed).

#3: Glue or Tape the ruler or stick to the back of the box to use as the guitar arm

#4: Play your new guitar by plucking or strumming the rubber bands

#5: Write a song to go with your new guitar! Record your new song on a music sheet.

How does your guitar look? Did you decorate your new guitar? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!


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Music Freeze Game

   Get your wiggles out with this fun activity

Supplies Needed:




#1: Play a CD on the radio

#2: Randomly stop the CD and when the music stops you have to freeze your position.

Get your wiggles out with this fun activity