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States and Capitals

   See how many states and capitals you can match

Supplies Needed:

100 Craft Sticks


State and Capital Reference Sheet: States&Capitals.pdf (17.38 kb)


#1: Print the names of all the states on 50 of the craft sticks

#2: On the other 50 craft sticks print the capitals

#3: Now mix up all the sticks and see if they can correctly match the capitals and states.

My Colorful ABC Book

   Create your own ABC book using your own words and pictures

Supplies Needed:

Printable Title Page: My Colorful ABC Book.pdf (26.68 kb)

26 sheets of white paper

Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons  

#1: Print out the My Colorful ABC Book Title Page

#2: Place the title page on top of 26 pages of white paper. Place a row of staples on the left hand side of all the sheets of paper, to create a book.

#3: Write your name and draw a picture on the printable Title Page.

#4: On each page write a letter of the alphabet and then write a word to go with that letter

                A: Ant Eater

                B: Bear

                C: Chicken

                D: Dog

#5: Create a drawing for each page of your book.

*For an added challenge try picking a word out of a dictionary and drawing a picture to match your new word

Kidz Geography Riddles

   Like to solve riddles try your hand at these tricky geography riddles

Supplies Needed:

Pencil or Pen

Geography Riddle Sheet: Geography Riddles.pdf (7.95 kb)  


#1: Print out the Geography Riddle Sheet

#2: Write down your answer and then you can check your answer by looking at the Geography Riddle Answers.

Answers to Geography Riddle1.pdf (52.37 kb)



Famous US Landmark Activity

   See if you know the locations of the US famous landmarks

Supplies Needed:



US Landmark Handout: US landmarks.pdf (58.09 kb)

US Map Handout: USA_blank_map.pdf (82.95 kb)


#1: Print the US Landmark Handout and the US Map Handout

#2: Cut the pictures out of the US Landmark Handout

#3: Glue each picture to the correct state where the landmark is located. You may need to place the picture off to the side and draw a line connecting it to the right state if the picture is too large.

Write your Own Story

   Have fun creating your own book

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons

Printable Book Title Page: Book Title.pdf (15.40 kb)

Printable Lined Pages: Lined Pages.pdf (26.06 kb)


#1: Print out the Title Page and the lined pages (print as many as you need to complete your story).

#2: Place the title page on top of lined pages. Place a row of staples on the left hand side of all the sheets of paper, to create a book.

#3: Write your name, title of your book and draw a picture on the printable Title Page.

#4: Create a drawing for each page of your story book.

Story Ideas:

What I want to be when I grow up, My Summer Vacation, My Pets, My friends, My Big Adventure, Life on a Farm, Trip to the Zoo, My Family, My Favorite Things