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Outdoor Canvas

   Ever paint on a giant canvas. Have tons of fun outdoor and use nature to create an outdoor work of art

Supplies Needed:

Old Bed Sheet or Blanket


Outdoor Items (leaves, sticks, grass)

Clothes Pins and Clothes Line (someplace to suspend the sheet)


#1: Suspend the sheet from the clothes line using clothes pins. This way two can paint on the canvas at the same time. One on each side!

#2: Gather Outdoor Items such as sticks, leaves, grass, rocks, etc

#3: Dip each outdoor item into the paint and enjoy using the item to paint your canvas. Each item creates a unique mark on the canvas.


*If you don't want to ruin your sheet try using washable markers!


How did you decorate your canvas? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!



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Freeze Pool Game

   Great outdoor activity for those hot summer days. Do you have what it takes to play the Freeze Pool Game

Supplies Needed:

Kiddy Pool or Bucket




#1: Fill the pool with water

#2: Place a bunch of ice into the pool.

#3: Take turns seeing who can remove the most ice out of the pool using their feet. Try using only one foot for an added challenge!

Nature Book

   Create your own nature book by finding objects in your backyard

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons


Outdoor Materials


#1: Take some paper about 27 sheets and staple a row of staples on one end, to create a book.

#2: Make the first page your title page

#3: On each additional page you will put the letter of the alphabet

#4: Go outside and try to find an object to go with every letter of the alphabet. If you can’t glue it in your book draw a picture!

A: Ant

B: Bee

C: Cactus

D: Dragon Fly


What are your favorite pages in your nature book? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Homemade Frisbee Project

   You'll love playing outside with your new frisbee!

Supplies Needed:

2-Plastic Plates


Large Zip Lock Bag




#1: Cut the center out of the two plates

#2: Place glitter/sequins in the zip lock plastic bag and seal. Don’t have glitter try cutting paper into small squares.

#3: Place the zip lock filled with glitter between the two plates. Staple the plates together around the edges

#4: Cut off any plastic bag that hangs out the edge of the plates

#5: You’re ready to go outside and use your homemade Frisbee!

Garden Stepping Stone

   Give your garden a personal touch with a custom stepping stone

Supplies Needed:

Bag of Quick Setting Concrete



Plastic Gloves

Container to use as your mold (plastic planter saucer, pie pan)


Materials for Stepping Stone


#1: Design your stepping stone before you begin mixing the concrete. Try drawing a picture of what you want. Then gather all the items you will use.

*Materials to use in your stepping stone: leaves, broken tiles, rocks, foot, hand, name, coins

#2: Protect your work environment by placing plastic sheeting down. Put your plastic gloves on.

#3: Begin mixing the concrete following the manufacturer’s instructions. The mixture should be a peanut butter consistency.

#4: Once the mixture is mixed place the mixture into your container. If you are using a metal container make sure to spray it with cooking spray!

#5: Place the container on a level surface so that all the bubbles can leave the mixture

#6: Set the mixture aside for a few minutes so the mixture can begin to set.

#7:When the mixture is slightly set begin decorating your stone. If you are going to place a hand or foot print, spray it with cooking spray so the concrete won’t stick!

#8: Leave the stone set for about 4 days before you pop it out of the container and place in your garden!


How does your stepping stone look? Did you enjoy making it? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!