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Indoor Sandbox Activity

   Sandboxes are no longer for just the outdoors. Bring your sandbox indoors for hours of fun and excitement

Supplies Needed:

Large Plastic Bin or Bucket

(could also use a small kiddy pool for lots of fun)

Rice, Corn, Beans or Pasta

Toys to use: spoons, sand toys, small plastic containers, shovels, small cars and trucks


#1: Fill the plastic bin with rice or other material

#2: Use the toys to play in the sandbox!

#3: Place the lid on the plastic container and get it out any time needed

Sock Puppets

   Have a blast creating your sock puppets and a stage

Supplies Needed:




Markers or Paint



#1: Using your sock decorate it to look like a puppet. You can draw the mouth, eyes and nose. Get creative!

Try using yarn to make the hair (do this by creating two holes in the top of the sock and then pull the pieces of yarn through and knot it on top)

#2: Cut a rectangle hole in the back of the box and use it as a stage for your puppets

Family Guessing Game

   Test your memory with this guessing game

Supplies Needed:




3X5 Index Cards or Paper cut in 3X5 rectangles


#1: Go through the magazines and pick out objects that look the same. You need 2 objects that look similar. Such as birds, babies, baseballs, dogs, cats

#2: Cut the objects out of the magazine and glue them on the 3X5 cards

#3: Mix up the cards and place them face down on the table and take turns flipping two cards over until you get a match.

For an added challenge:

Place one set of the cards in a box. Take turns pulling out a card and describing the picture without saying what the object is. See how long it takes your friend to guess what object you are describing.

Obstacle Course Ideas

   Gather household itmes and create your obstacle course

Supplies Needed:  

Couch Cushions, blankets, pillows, chairs, etc

Time Record Sheet: Obstacle Course Time Sheet.pdf (102.85 kb)


Gather items around the house to create a obstacle course:  

Pillows to jump over

Blankets to crawl under

Chairs: climb over or under

String: stretched out to crawl under or jump over.

Plastic Bottles to weave around

Couch Cushions to jump on

Paper: Put 5 math problems on a sheet or 5 states to match with their capitals (must figure out before moving on)


Have fun and time each other to see who is the fastest!


What items did you use to make your obstacle course? Leave us a comment and let us know

Imagination Office

   Every kid loves to pretend like they are running an office

Supplies Needed:



Note Pad


Pen or Pencil



Markers or Crayons


#1: Use the paper and markers to make money for your new office

#2: Setup the rest of your supplies on a table or desk and pretend you are at work!