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Craft Storage Bin

   Keep the earth clean by reusing a baby formula can! Turn an unused baby formula can into a great place to store your craft supplies.

Formula Cans

Paint or Permanent Markers

Storage Items


#1: Wash and dry the container

#2: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#3: Decorate the outside of your plastic wipe container. Make sure to write the name of the items that will be stored in your container on the outside of the container.

#4: Store items in your plastic containers.

Items such as:

markers, crayons, pens, pencils, paint brushes, sidewalk chalk, pom poms, beads,glue sticks, hair clips, small toys, puzzle pieces, game pieces, office supplies (paper clips, rubber bands), the possibilities are endless!

*Could also use baby wipe containers!

What did you place in your containers? Any tips on helping to stay organized? Leave us a comment and let us know

Family Time Capsule

   Have tons of extra baby wipe containers? Before you throw them out how about creating a time capsule with your family of the past year? That way you can take a trip down memory lane whenever you need

Plastic Continer used for baby wipes

Objects from to remind you of that year

Permanent Markers or Paint


#1: Wash and dry the plastic wipe container

#2: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#3: Decorate the outside of your plastic wipe container. Make sure to write the date some place on the container

#4: Inside the plastic wipe container place items from the past year.

Examples: favorite small toy, photos, messages to yourself in the future, list of fun things you did that year, newspaper clips, small craft projects and other favorite items from the year

#5: Place in a dry, cool place and store it there.

#6: Each year create a new time capsule and when your child gets older open them and return to memory lane!


What items did you place in your family time capsule? Where did you bury or place it? Leave us a comment and let us know

Recycled Magnet Activity

   Turn that old magnet into a work of art. Give the magnet as a gift or use it to hold your art work on the refrigerator

Supplies Needed:


Old Magnet

Recycled Materials such as: buttons, silk flowers, bottle caps, beads, puzzle pieces, pom poms


#1: Take an old magnet and glue your favorite trash to treasure items on the magnet

#2: Use your custom magnet to hang your art work up on!

*Try cutting your old magnet into a cool new shape to go with your trash to treasure design!


How did you design your magnet? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!

Kidz Dump Truck

   Before you throw out your old egg carton how about turning it into a dump truck. Your little one will have a blast making their very own dump truck

Supplies Needed: 

Egg Carton




Acrylic Paint or Permanent Markers


#1: Wash and dry the egg carton if styrofoam

#2: Separate the top of the egg carton from the bottom.

#3: Cut the top egg carton 1/3 of the way (this will be the bed of the dump truck)

#4: Cut the first two cups in a strip from the bottom

#5: From the other side of the carton cut the first 6 cup strip

#6: Cut the bottom of the two middle cups in the 6 cup strip

#7: Turn the 6 cup strip over so the four remaining cups are touching the surface (looks like 4 wheels)

#8: Glue the 2 cup strip to the front of the 6 cup strip

#9: You can glue the base of the dump truck (top portion of the egg carton) to the 6 cup strip or just leave it in place so the kids can move it around

#10: Cut the straw in half and glue it to your truck like a smoke stack

#11: Paint your dump truck using acrylic paint


Child Puzzle Frame

   Don't throw away that old yucky photo frame. Missing pieces to a puzzle? Turn these items into a work of art to display your family photo in

Supplies Needed:

Old Photo Frame

Old Puzzle pieces




#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic sheet

#2: Paint all your puzzle pieces. Allow to Dry

#3: Glue the pieces in a decorative order on the photo frame


The only hard part is deciding what picture put in your new photo frame!