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Egg Carton Multiplication

   This simple and easy to make egg carton math will help teach your child multiplication. Learning has never been so easy

Supplies Needed:

Egg Carton

Pennies, buttons or other small objects


Pen or Pencil


#1: Write out multiplication problems on the sheet of paper (3x4, 6X5, etc)

#2: Using the egg carton they will put groups of items into the carton depending on the multiplication problem.


                     5 X 3 =

 *Remember to think of the X in the multiplication problem as meaning groups of. 5X3 is 5 groups of 3

 They would place 5 pennies in 3 of the egg carton slots. If they need help they can then add all the pennies to get their answer.

 There will be 15 pennies total in 3 of the egg carton slots.

#3: They should then write their answer on the sheet of paper with the math problems.


Did you child find this helpful in learning or practicing multiplication? Leave us a comment and let us know

Wind Sock Project

   Recycle your 2 liter bottle to make a great art piece

Supplies Needed:

2-Liter Bottle

Hold Punch

Fishing Line or String

Ribbon or Yarn




#1: Wash and dry your 2 liter bottle

#2: Cut the top off the 2 liter bottle

#3: Punch 4 holes evenly spaced in the top of the bottle

#4: Thread string through each hole and knot.

#5: Bring all 4 strings together and knot them together

#6: Punch holes evenly along the bottom of the bottle. Tie ribbon or yarn in each hole.

#7: Protect your environment by working on newspaper, plastic sheets, wax paper

#8: Paint the bottle with a creative design.

#9: Hang up your wind sock and enjoy


Where did you hang your windsock? Did you have fun with this craft? Send us a comment and let us know

Youth Tin Can Telephone

   Turn your old cans into a telephone

Supplies Needed: 

2 -Tin Cans

Masking Tape





Markers or Crayons



#1: Wash and dry the 2 tin cans

#2: Check can for any major sharp pieces. If too sharp do not use. Place masking tape around the opened edge of the tin can (this will help protect from sharp pieces)

#3: Using the hammer and nail place a small hole in the bottom of each can

#4: Thread the string from the outside to the inside of the can and tie a knot. Do this for both cans so they are connected

#5: Stretch the string so it is tight. One person speak into one end while the other person listens at the other end

Grocery Bag Outfit

   Create a whole outfit by using grocery bags.

Supplies Needed:

Brown Grocery Bags


Other decorative Items: feathers, sticks, newspaper, buttons, glitter

String or Yarn




Hole Punch


#1: Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for your neck

#2: Cut two holes on the sides of the bag for your arms

#3: Cut down the middle of the bag

#4: Decorate your shirt


#1: Draw a hat shape on the front of the bag. It should be a upside down "u"

#2: Cut out 2 of these shapes

#3: Staple the edges of the two shapes together.

#4: Decorate your hat


#1: Cut a bag down the middle so you have two equal halves

#2: Punch holes down the two cut pieces

#3: Decorate your shoes

#4: Thread your string through all the holes and tie them at the top


How did you design your grocery bag outfit? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know

Kids Recycled Piggy Bank

   You'll be saving the enviroment as well as money with this piggy bank

Supplies Needed:

4-Bottle Caps

Plastic Bottle (soda or water bottle)


Glue (hot glue works best)

Acrylic Paint (optional)



#1: Clean and dry the plastic bottle and bottle caps

#2: Use scissors to cut a small slit on side of the plastic bottle in the middle of the bottle (this will be where you put the money in)

#3: Glue the 4 bottle caps on the other side of the bottle (these will be the feet)

#4: Use the paper to make eyes, nose, ears, tail and glue them on your pig. You can also draw them on with the paint.

#5: Use the end of the bottle with the opening as the snout (mouth)