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Tornado in a Bottle!

   Get up close to a tornado. You'll be able to visualize what a real tornado is like without risking your life

Supplies Needed:

2- 2 litter plastic bottles (clean and empty)


1-inch metal washer

Duct tape


#1: Fill one of the bottles about 2/3 way full of water. May add food coloring to give your tornado color or glitter for debris.

#2: Place the metal washer over the opening of the bottle

#3: Use duct tape to faster the two containers and the metal washer together. Make sure to make the tape tight so no water leaks out.

#4: Turn the bottle with water over so that it is on top. Swirl the bottle in a circular motion. A tornado will form as the water rushes from the top bottle to the bottom bottle.

Make your own flying Balloon Hovercraft!

   Your hovercraft will glide all around the room

Supplies Needed:



Spout from a water bottle



#1: Glue the spout over the center of the CD.

#2: Push the spout down so that it is closed and no air can pass through

#3: Blow up the balloon, but don’t tie the end. Carefully stretch it so the balloon is over the spout

#4: Hold the bottom of the balloon in place with one hand. With the other hand, carefully lift the spout. By lifting the spout you are causing air to be forced out the drinking spout. Crating a blanket of air like a hovercraft!


How far did your hovercraft go? Did you enjoy this craft? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Watch Osmosis take place

   Its is an easy and fun way to watch osmosis or the movement of water through a membrane

Supplies Needed:

Fresh Bunch of Celery with leaves still intact


Food Coloring


#1: Place about 1 cm of food coloring in the bottom of a cup

#2: Cut a stalk of celery from the bunch and stick the celery in the glass containing the dye.

#3: Watch as the plant draws the dye from the cut portion up into the leaves. You are watching osmosis!

How to Build a Volcano

   A simple acid-base reaction makes this playdough volcano erupt

Volcano Supplies:

Large Tray (cookie sheet to catch lava)

2 -Paper Cups

Tin Foil



Rolling Pin (or use your hands to roll out the play dough)

Lava Supplies:

Measuring Cups and Spoons

3 tsps baking soda

½ to 1 cup white vinegar

Food coloring


#1: Place the paper cup right side up in the center of your tray and begin wrapping the tin foil around the brim of the cup. You may need a few pieces of tin foil to create your mountain shape.

#2: Roll your playdough out with your rolling pin or hand and place the flattened playdough over the tin foil and rim of the cup. You may need to roll out a few sections of playdough in order to create your mountain shape.

#3: Allow your kids to decorate the volcano with playdough trees and playdough animals.

#4: Create your lava mixture by placing 3 tsps baking soda inside the cup inside the volcano. In the other paper cup combine ½ to 1 cup white vinegar and a few drops of food coloring. Now pour the vinegar food coloring mixture onto the baking soda inside the volcano cup. And watch the eruption! This is a simple acid-base reaction.

Kidz Magic Can

   Trick your friends into holding the magic can while you show its amazing powers

Supplies Needed:

Coffee Can with Lid





#1: Place 3 small holes in the bottom of the coffee can using the nail and hammer

#2: Place 1 small hold in the plastic lid

#3: Fill the coffee can about ½ full of water and place the lid back on.

#4: Press down on the lid while your finger is over the hole on the lid. A stream of water will flow out the bottom holes of the coffee can because of the pressure on the lid

#5: Slowly stop applying pressure to the lid. Watch as the stream of water stops coming out the bottom of the coffee can. You are able to stop and start the flow of water by placing and removing your hand from the lid because of pressure!


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