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Kids Football Craft

   If you love playing football try this table top football game. Build your own football and goal post then its time to play ball

Supplies Needed:



Shoe Box

Markers or Crayons


#1: Make a paper football by:

         A: Take a sheet of computer paper and lie it sideways fold it horizontally.

         B: Open it and fold it again in half until you have a slender rectangle of paper

         C: Take the top-left corner and fold it diagonally into a triangle.

         D: Continue to fold the little triangle in the top downwards until there is a little rectangle in the bottom.

         E: Fold the rectangle in to the little gap in the bottom. You now have a paper football.


#2: Make two football goal post by:

          A: Using the shoe box cut a square shape on the front of the shoe box. The square shape should start at the top of the box to about the middle of the box. Leave about 1 inch on both side of the box.

          B: Cut the same square shape out of the back of the box leaving about 1 inch on both sides.

          C: Cut away the top portion of the box leaving about 1 inch on both sides. It should set on the table and look like goal post. Make two of these for each player.

          D: You can decorate your football goals with your team name and colors!


#3: Determine the rules of the football game. Also decide how many points you want to play to!

Baseball Trivia Game

   How well do you know baseball. Test your knowledge with this baseball trivia game

Supplies Needed:

3X5 Index Cards



Markers or Crayons


#1: Using a 3X5 index card trim the card to the shape of a circle.

#2: On one side of the card write a trivia question. On the other side of the card write the answer

#3: Decorate the cards to look like baseballs. Then test your trivia on friends and family


* Baseball Trivia Questions to Use:

1-Who holds the record for most career home runs for an outfielder? Babe Ruth

2-What father son combo has the most career home runs? Bobby and Barry Bonds

3-Who was the first National Leaguer to hit 50 home runs in two consecutive seasons?

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa

4-Who is the only player to win a batting title for an expansion team in its first year?

Andres Galarraga

5-Who hit into the most double plays in their career? Hank Aaron

6-Who hit his 700th home run on September 17, 2004? Barry Bonds

7-What player holds the record for the most World Series home runs? Mickey Mantle

8-Which pitcher has the most World Series victories? Whitey Ford

9-Who had his number retired on 3 different teams?  Nolan Ryan

10- How many balls did it take to walk a batter before 1880? 9 balls



What questions did you use in your trivia game? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Baseball Craft For Kids

   Who is your favorite team? Make your own homemade pennant in your team colors. Then hang it in your room or take it to the game

Supplies Needed: 

Poster Board (team color)

Construction Paper



Markers or Crayons



#1: On your poster board trace and cut out the shape of a pennant. See shape below.

#2: Cut out a strip of paper (the second team color) to fit the left side of your pennant. Glue in place

#3: Cut out two circles. These will be the baseballs for your pennant. Draw the two red baseball lines.  Glue them to your pennant. See Baseball Design Below.

#4: Decorate your Pennant with your team name. Get Creative!


Who is your favorite team? What colors did you use in making your pennant? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!

Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament

   Make your own fish then see who will catch the trophy fish

Supplies Needed:

6 Plastic Bottles (soda or water bottles)

Small Size Rubber Bands

String or Yarn



Score Sheet: Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament.pdf (102.66 kb)


#1: Wash and dry plastic bottles

#2: Cut out 6 fish out of paper (make small sized fish, they have to fit into bottle). Decorate both sides of the fish

#3: Place the fish into the bottle. You can roll them length wise to make them fit. One fish per bottle.

#4: Place the top back on the bottle and lay the fish out on the floor

#5: Cut your string to be about 3- 4 feet long.

#6: Tie a rubber band to one end of the string, this will be your hook. Tie the other end of the string to a stick, this will be your rod

#7: You’re ready to fish! Use the rubber band to hook the top of your bottles and reel in your fish!

*Having trouble reeling in your fish, give points for getting the fish to your knees,waist and in your hands

-Example: 2 points for reeling the fish to your knees

              3 points for getting the fish to your waist

              4 points for getting the fish into your hand

Table Top Soccer Game

   Soccer is no longer an outside game with this table top soccer game you can have a soccer game inside

Supplies Needed:

Shoe Box or Berry Basket


Large Piece of Cardboard

Twist Ties


Markers or Crayons

Aluminum Foil


#1: Cut the Shoe Box in Half. Each half will be a goal.

#2: Attach the goal to the cardboard by making a hole in each end of the shoe box. And two holes in the cardboard where the goals will be sitting. Repeat this for both sides.

#3: Place the twist tie through the holes of the shoe box and then through the holes in the cardboard and twist the ends together underneath the cardboard. Repeat this for both sides.

#4: Use crayons or markers to decorate your cardboard like a soccer field.

#5: Make your own score card out of paper and crayons

#6: Roll some Aluminum Foil up like a soccer ball

#7: You are now ready to start playing! You can use your hand like a soccer player and your middle and index fingers for kicking the ball.

(Make sure you set a point limit from the start so that you will know who wins)