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Turkey Math

   Your kids will think learning is fun with this free printable turkey math sheet which includes addition and subtraction

Supplies Needed:

Printable Turkey Math sheet: Turkey Math.pdf (76.23 kb)

Markers or Crayons



#1: Print out the Turkey Math sheet

#2: Have your child determine the answer to the math problem in order to choose the right color to paint your picture!

#3: Color the turkey

Kids Thanksgiving Bookmark Craft

   Make reading fun with this easy to make bookmark craft for kids. Use your new bookmark to hold your place while reading stories about Thanksgiving

Supplies Needed:



Turkey Pattern: Turkey Bookmark.pdf (33.03 kb)

Permanent Marker

Craft Foam-brown, orange, yellow, blue, green,

Googly Eyes


#1: Print the turkey pattern

#2: Cut out the turkey pattern and trace it on your craft foam

#3: Cut out the turkey pattern from your craft foam

#4: Glue the turkey’s beak, waddle and googly eyes onto the turkey body

#5: Cut out different color feather for your turkey

#6: Glue the feathers to the back of your turkey body

#7: Trace and cut out the book mark shape on a piece of craft foam

#8: Glue your turkey onto the book mark shaped foam

*If you don’t have craft foam you can also use construction paper


Did you enjoy this craft? Leave us a comment or send us a picture!

Turkey Craft Activity

   Get your kids ready for Thanksgiving with this easy Thanksgiving craft. Your kids will have loads of fun creating their turkey from a pinecone

Supplies Needed:

Pine Cone

4 Pipe Cleaners

Brown Pom Poms

Construction Paper




#1: Take the brown pom pom and glue to the front of the pinecone, this will be the turkey’s head

#2: On the construction paper draw two eyes, a beak and a wattle.

#3: Cut out the eyes, beak and wattle and glue on top of the brown pom poms. For the turkey’s face.

#4: Take the 4 pipe cleaners and individually wrap them around the back of the pinecone. Twist them a few times to secure them then loop them around the make the tail and secure.


Did you have fun making this turkey craft? Send us a picture of your turkey or leave us a comment and let us know!

Kids Popsicle Stick Turkey

   Who knew a popsicle stick could make such a cute Turkey? This Thanksgiving kids craft is easy and fun to make

Supplies Needed: 

8 Popsicle Sticks


Googly Eyes

Construction Paper





#1: Prepare your work environment by covering it with newspaper or plastic sheet

#2: Paint each popsicle stick a different color. Set aside to dry

#3: Draw and cut out a turkey body. A long oval shape.

#4: Draw and cut out a wattle and beak.

#5: Glue the googly eyes to the turkey body along with the wattle and beak

#6: Turn the turkey body over and glue each popsicle stick to the back of the turkey body in a fan like way.


How did you turkey turn out? Did you have fun making this craft? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanksgiving Blessings Activity

   This free printable Pilgrim coloring page list what your child is thankful for. It is a wonderful Thanksgiving decoration to hang in your home to remind your child of their blessings

Supplies Needed:

Printable Pilgrim sheet: Thanksgiving Pilgrim.pdf (126.87 kb)

Markers or Crayons


#1: Print out the printable pilgrim sheet

#2: Below the boy and girl pilgrim have your child write everything that they are thankful for

#3: Finish by having them color the picture  What are you thankful for?


Send us a list of what you are thankful for or a picture of your completed craft!