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Toddler Noodle Necklace Craft

   Toddler Noodle Necklace Craft is a kids food craft that will teach and enhance your child's fine motor skills.

Supplies Needed
Noodles- with holes
#1: Have an adult cut ribbon the shape of the child’s neck size.
#2: Have the child string noodles on the ribbon
#3: When the child is done stringing noodles tie the two ends together so the child can wear their masterpiece as a necklace

Toddler Color Learning Craft

   Toddler Color Learning Craft is a great way to teach your child about colors as well as fine motor skills.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Containers
Paint Brush
#1: Use a paint brush to paint the inside of the containers. Do as many different colors as you can. Also remember to paint the lids
#2: Set containers aside to dry
#3: Take construction paper the same colors as you painted the containers and cut circles small enough to fit inside the containers
#4: Have your toddler place the construction paper circles in the correct color containers
#5: When they are done keep the activity interesting by having them place the lids on the containers using the correct colors 
#6: If possible have the toddler stack the containers while you talk about the colors.

Toddler Family Photo Book

   Toddlers love looking at pictures so help them create this wonderful Toddler Family Photo Book by Kids Craft Zone.

Supplies Needed:
5 pieces of white paper
Family Photos

#1: Have an adult staple the 5 pieces of white paper together
#2: Have an adult write “Family Photo Book” on the front page of the construction paper
#3: Have the toddler glue the family photos on each page of the construction paper
#4: Have the toddler decorate around the family photos they glued into the Family Photo Book.

Toddler Musical Instrument Craft

   The Toddler Musical Instrument Craft is a easy, free kids craft that teaches your toddler about music.

Supplies Needed:
Empty Cereal Box
Dried Pasta

#1:Have your toddler place about 1 cup of dried pasta into an empty cereal box. The small cereal boxes sometimes work best because they are smaller and fit in the toddler’s hands easier.
#2: Have an adult tape the top of the box closed
#3: The toddler can decorate the box with paint, markers or crayons or not decorate it.
#4: Put some music on and dance and shake your toddler’s new musical instrument!

Toddler No Mess Painting Activity

   The Toddler No Mess Painting Activity is a great way to teach your child about colors.

Supplies Needed:
Pom Pom Balls
Paper Plate
Plastic Cup (must have a white interior)
Rubber Band
Plastic Wrap

#1: Have an adult place a little paint on a paper plate
#2: Have toddler dip the pom pom balls into the paint and then drop them into the plastic cup
#3: Have an adult place the plastic wrap over the top of the cup
#4: Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band.
#5: Have the toddler shake the cup.
#6: Take off the plastic wrap and set aside to dry