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4th of July Trivia

Supplies Needed:
Printable Star:
star.pdf (29.09 kb)

Printable 4th of July Trivia:4th of July Trivia.pdf (13.09 kb)

Construction Paper (red, white and blue)
Hole Punch
Yarn or String

#1: Print out the printable star and printable trivia
#2: Cut out the printable star
#3: Trace the printable star on construction paper. You will need 10 stars total. Try alternating between red, white and blue construction paper for a 4th of July theme.
#4: Cut out the 10 stars you traced on the construction paper
#5: Write a different trivia questions on each of the stars. The questions go on the front of the star and the answers on the back of the stars.
#6: Place a hole in the top of each star using your hole punch
#7: Take your yarn and thread it through each of the holes on top of the stars. Make sure to have all the stars facing with the trivia question on top.
#8: Hang your 4th of July trivia stars on the wall or over a door way. So that each person coming to your party can read the trivia questions and then flip over the star to reveal the answer.


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