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Addition Activity

Supplies Needed:

Different Objects

Hula Hoop

Printable Score Sheet: Addition Score Sheet.pdf (102.41 kb)

Pencil or Pen


#1: Assign each object a different number value and write on a piece of paper


                      Tennis Balls -5 points

                      Frisbee- 3 points

                      Basketball -10 points

                      Beanbag – 1 point

#2: Place items in the center of the room

#3: Give each player a hula hoop

#4: When you say go the players must run or walk to the center and grab out the items totaling a certain number of points. Then bring them back and place them in their hula hoop.                                         Example: 25 points= 2 basketballs and a tennis ball.

#5: Players get points for each correct answer. Keep track of them on the printable score sheet.

*You can do addition and subtraction problems for an added challenge!


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