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Black Cat Handprint Kids Craft

Supplies Needed
Black Construction Paper
White chalk
Googly Eyes
Black pipe cleaner
Free Cat Face Template: Cat Face.png (115.89 kb)
#1:Trace your child’s hand on a sheet of black construction paper
#2: Print out the free cat face template
#3: Cut out the cat face template
#4: Trace cat face template on a piece of black construction paper
#5: Glue googly eyes on the cat face 
#6: Draw a mouth, nose and whiskers on the cat face
#7: Cut out your child’s hand you made on the construction paper
#8:Glue your cat face to the thumb portion of the handprint. With fingers facing down. The fingers are the cat’s 4 legs. 
#9: Glue pipe cleaner to the back of your child’s handprint. This will be the cat’s tail.



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