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Button Toss

Supplies Needed:

Paper or Card Board

Colored Markers or Crayons


24 Buttons (12 of one color and 12 of another)

Score Sheet: Button Toss Score Sheet.pdf (101.97 kb)


#1: On the paper draw 12 of the same size squares by using the ruler. Randomly label each square with the numbers 1-12.

#2: Place the labeled paper on the floor or table. Flick all 12 of your buttons with your fingernail so it lands on the board.

#3: Use your math skills by adding up your score based on where the button landed (For Example, if all of your 12 buttons landed on 1 you would have a total score of 12). Make a note of the score on your score sheet.

#4: Pickup your buttons and let your friend have a chance at flicking their buttons. Try playing against yourself to see what your highest score will be!

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