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Children's Horse Shoes

Supplies Needed:
Popsicle sticks
Plastic bottles (soda or water bottles) with lids
Sand or Water

Score Sheet: Horse Shoe Score Sheet.pdf (101.02 kb)

#1: Lay out and glue the popsicles in a U. Make sure the edges are overlapping to form the horseshoe shape. You should make 4 popsicle horseshoes.
#2: Once the glue is dried decorate your popsicle stick horseshoe
#3: Fill the plastic bottles with sand or water to help stabilize them.
#4: Print out a score card to keep track of the score
5 points for a popsicle horseshoe that rings the bottle
3 points for any popsicle horse shoe that is touching the bottle
1 point for any popsicle horseshoe
(Make sure you set a point limit from the start so that you will know who wins)
#5: Go outside and place your 2 bottles about 10 ft apart
#6: Take turns throwing your popsicle horseshoes at the bottles


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