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Christian Door Hanger

In John 10:1-21 God said, "I am a good shepherd. I know each of my sheep by name and my sheep know me. Those who come through me will be saved. They will have everything they need." God is referring to us as his sheep and he is our shepherd!

Supplies Needed:

Sheep Pattern: Sheep Pattern.pdf (8.96 kb)


Cotton Balls

Markers or Crayons

Hole Punch




#1: Print the sheep pattern

#2: Cut out the sheep pattern. Cut a piece of ribbon (long enough to fit around the door knob)

#3: On the center of your sheep write "When you can’t sleep don’t count sheep Talk to the Shepherd."

#4:Using a hole punch place two holes at the top of your sheep. Place the ribbon through the two holes and tie knots (this will allow the sheep to hang on your door)

#5: Decorate your sheep with cotton balls and crayons


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