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Christmas Snowman Craft

Supplies Needed:
Clear or White Plastic Bag
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper-orange
Pipe Cleaner
2- Large Colored Pom Pom Balls
3-Large Black Pom Pom Balls
Newspaper or Recycled Paper

#1: Put Newspaper in each of the plastic bags.
#2: Tie the top of the plastic bag
#3: Take your ribbon and tie it around the center of the bag. Creating a larger ball on top and a larger ball on bottom
#4: Glue the googly eyes on the smaller ball these are the snowmans’ eyes
#5: Take the construction paper and cut out a triangle. This will be the snowmans’ nose
#6: Glue the triangle on the smaller ball below the eyes. This will be the snowmans’ nose
#7: Glue the large Pom Pom balls on either side of the smaller ball of the bag. These will be earmuffs for the snowman
#8: Glue the pipe cleaner from one pom pom ball to the next to look like earmuffs.
#9: Glue the 3 large black Pom Pom balls on the bottom of the large ball. These will be the snowmans’ buttons.

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