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Cinco De Mayo Flag

Supplies Needed:
28 Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
Paint or Markers

#1: Take 3 craft sticks and place them on the table side by side varying in height next to each other. This will be how the flag is held together.
#2: Lay all 26 craft sticks on top of the 3 craft sticks. Make sure all 26 craft sticks are touching one of the 3 back craft sticks. You may need to use more craft sticks on the back of the flag to hold it together.
#3: Once all 26 sticks are in place glue them to the back 3 craft sticks.
#4: Allow glue to dry
#5: Divide the glued sticks into 3 equal rectangle portions
#6: Color the first portion of the sticks green, second portion white and the third red.


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