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Cinco De Mayo Hat

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Paper Cup
Crayons or Markers
Pom Poms
Hole Punch
String or Ribbon

#1: Lay your paper plate on the table and trace the small closed end of the cup in the center of the paper plate
#2: Use your scissors to cut out the hole you traced in step 1
#3: Slide the small end of the cup up through the hole until it can not go any further and the large portion of the cup is resting on the underside of the paper plate
#4: Time to decorate your Cinco De Mayo hat. Use the pom poms to line the rim of the hat. Use red, green and white crayons to decorate in the Mexican flag colors
#5: Place a hole on either side of the paper plate
#6: Tread the string through each hole and knot. This will allow the Cinco De Mayo hat to stay on your child’s head.


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