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Clock Project

Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate





Paper Fastener


#1: Around the rim of the paper plate write the numbers 1-12. It should look like an analog clock (use one as a model to copy from). The 12 on the top of the plate, 3 on the right side, 6 on the bottom and 9 opposite the three on the left side.

#2: Make a small hole in the center of the plate

#3: Using the paper cut out two arrows. A longer for the minute hand. A shorter one for the hour hand.

#4: Peirce a hold in the ends of the arrows with the paper fastener. Place it through the hole in the center of the plate and secure the back

#5: Teach your child how to tell time using your new clock.


*For practice try getting out a list of times and activities your child has for the week and let them show you on their new clock what the time would look like for each activity.


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