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Daniel and the Lion Youth Bible Craft

Daniel was the Kings helper but none of the other helpers liked Daniel because he worked harder and did much better work then them.  So one day the helpers decided to get Daniel in trouble. They came up with a nasty plan to use Daniel’s religion against him! They told the King to make a law that nobody should be able to ask for anything from any god or man except for the king. And if someone asked for anything from any god or man besides the king they were to be thrown into the lions’ den. Daniel heard of the law but he could not obey that law. He loved God and only prayed to God. So when he prayed to God the other helpers ran and told the king. The king had no choice but to throw Daniel into the lions’ den.  God meanwhile had sent an angel to be with Daniel and protect him from the mouths of the lions. The next morning when the king checked on Daniel Daniel shouted out to the king, “May your majesty live forever! God has saved me so that you will know that I am innocent, and I have served you faithfully!” The king was so excited to see Daniel that he had Daniel taken out of the lions’ den and the other helpers were arrested and thrown into the lions’ den.

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Paper Cup
Crayons or Markers

#1:  In the lower center of the paper plate make a hole a little smaller then the rim of the cup
#2: Push the cup through the hole on the front of the plate (this will be the lions nose)
#3: Draw a face on the plate. Color the plate to look like a lion.



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