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David and Goliath Activity

A great war arose between Israel and the Philistines. All the Israel men including David’s three older brothers left to go join the Israel Army. David was too young and had to tend to his father’s sheep so he was unable to go fight in the war. For a long time David and his father did not hear from the 3 older brothers. So one day David’s Father decided to send David to the Israel camp to see how the 3 brothers were doing. When David arrived at the camp he found his brothers. Shouts of anger and fear came from the Israel army, David asked why were the men so angry and scared. His brother’s told him of a giant man named Goliath who would taunt the Israel Army by asking them to fight him. Not one of the Israel Army men would dare challenge such a giant. David decided he would challenge the giant Goliath "Is not God on the side of our people?" he asked. "I will fight with this man, for who is he that he should defy the army of the living God?" David went to the creek and grabbed 5 smooth stones. Armed with the stones and sling shot he went out to Goliath and said, "You come against me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield, but I come to you in the name of the Lord. This day he will give you into my hand." David won the battle against Goliath and Israel won the war!

Supplies Needed:

5 Smooth Rocks



Brown Paper Lunch Bag


#1: Go outside and gather 5 stones

#2: Wash and Dry your stones

#3: Paint each stone a different color

#4: On the back of each stone write a word that helps you not be afraid

Example: God, Family, Praying, Strength, David

#5: On the brown paper bag write, "David’s Stones" "The Battle is the Lord’s" 1 Samuel 17:47

#6: Once your stones are dry place them in your brown bag. Every time you get scared you can take your stones out of the bag and remember the story of David and Goliath.


Send us a picture of leave us a comment on what you wrote on your stones!


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