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Dog Place Mat Project

Supplies Needed:

Vinyl Mat (can be found at $1 Store)

Permanent Markers or Paint

Printable Dog Tracing Sheets

bone.pdf (24.44 kb)

Ball.pdf (19.28 kb)

Paw Print.pdf (26.01 kb)

Word Dog.pdf (17.45 kb)

Dog.pdf (41.39 kb)


#1: Print out the dog tracing sheets that you would like to use. Then cut them out

#2: Think of a design to use on your dog’s mat

#3: Draw the design onto the vinyl mat.

#4: Write your dog’s name on the mat

#5: Allow the mat time to dry. Then place the mat under your dogs food and water dish!

*Try cutting your mat in the shape of a bone!


What did you write on your dogs place mat? Send us a picture or write us a comment and let us know!


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