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Earth Day Edible Treat

Supplies Needed:
Chocolate Pudding Mix
Oreo Cookies
Gummy Worms
Zip Lock Bag

#1: Place Oreo cookies inside the zip lock bag. Then have a child bang on the bag until all the cookies are broke up
#2: Use the broke up Oreo cookies on the bottom of the cups
#3: Mix the Pudding and milk to make pudding.
#4: Pour the pudding into the cups over the Oreo cookies. Fill the cups about ½ an inch before the top
#5: Refrigerate the pudding until it sets
#6: Add more broke up Oreos to the top of the pudding
#7: Add a gummy worm or two on top of the broke up Oreo cookies to make the pudding cup look more like dirt!


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