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Egg Carton Multiplication

Supplies Needed:

Egg Carton

Pennies, buttons or other small objects


Pen or Pencil


#1: Write out multiplication problems on the sheet of paper (3x4, 6X5, etc)

#2: Using the egg carton they will put groups of items into the carton depending on the multiplication problem.


                     5 X 3 =

 *Remember to think of the X in the multiplication problem as meaning groups of. 5X3 is 5 groups of 3

 They would place 5 pennies in 3 of the egg carton slots. If they need help they can then add all the pennies to get their answer.

 There will be 15 pennies total in 3 of the egg carton slots.

#3: They should then write their answer on the sheet of paper with the math problems.


Did you child find this helpful in learning or practicing multiplication? Leave us a comment and let us know


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