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Family Christmas Skirt

Supplies Needed:
2 different colors of Felt                                                                                                     (1.5 yards of each color, assuming bolt is a min of 45 inches)
Glue Gun
Fabric Paint

#1: Cut a length of string, about 40 inches long. With the glue gun, dab a little glue towards the bottom of a pencil, and wrap the string around once or twice. Starting from where the string is attached to the pencil, measure 7 inches of string and tie a knot there. Then measure an extra 28 inches of string (for a total of 35 inches of string) and tie a second knot at that part. You should get 2 circles from each 1.5 yards of fabric.
#2: Cut along the arcs to make four quarter-circles of felt with the points cut away. Lay the pieces of felt in the color order you prefer (try alternating the colors), to create a circle. The right edge of each piece should overlap on top of the left edge of the adjacent piece by about an inch. Because of the overlap, the hole at the center (where the tree trunk will be) will not be a perfect circle. But this adds to the homemade character of your creation. Do not glue one side of the skirt so that it can be placed around the tree
#3: Decorate your tree skirt.

* Decorating ideas:

-Let each member of the family decorate a section of the skirt
-Each year place the kids handprint and date on the skirt
-Cut out Christmas shaped sponges and place paint on them to create sponge images on the skirt
-Place family photos from each Christmas on printer photo paper and iron onto your skirt
-Draw and cut out Christmas felt items such as trees, snowmen, snowflakes, gingerbread men, candy canes, Santa Clause, bells, stars


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