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Family Christmas Tree

Supplies Needed:


Construction Paper

Craft Stick

Markers or Crayons




#1: Glue down the craft stick to the middle of the construction paper.

#2: Color the craft stick brown.

#3: Place a row of glue on the stick and begin to glue feathers to the stick.

#4: Cut the feathers shorter as you go up the tree.

#5: Place a large star at the top of your tree and decorate your tree

Fun decorating ideas for your Christmas Tree

*Cut out stars and then write the names of family members on the stars and glue them to your tree

*Glue different colored craft pom poms to your tree

*Write your name on the star ontop of the tree

*Place an angel on top of your tree

*Cut out small ball ornaments and write your blessings or things you are thankful for

How did you decorate your feather Christmas tree? Send us your ideas.

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