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Fish Mobile Craft

Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate

Construction Paper

Marker or Crayons



Hole Punch

Yarn or String

Fish Pattern: Fish Pattern.pdf (34.59 kb)


#1: Cut two small triangles from the tail section of the plate. 

#2: Print out the Fish Pattern. Cut out the fish pattern.

#3: Trace around the fish pattern on a piece of construction paper. And cut out the fish. Cut out two fish for each side of the plate.

#4: Glue the fish onto the paper plate. One fish per each side. The tail of the cut out fish should be placed in the center of the two cut out triangles. The paper plate should look like fins for the fish

#5: Decorate both sides of your fish.

#6: On one side of the fish write "Good Day Fishing" on the other side write "Bad Day Fishing" or one side write "Dad You Are A" on the other side write "Great Catch"

#7: Punch a hole at the top of the fish and thread the yarn through. Tie the yarn at the top.


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