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Free Shape Sponge Preschool Craft

Supplies Needed: 

Construction Paper
Paper Plate

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Have an adult trace a different shapes on a sponge. Do this for circles, squares, triangles on different sponges
#3: Have an adult use scissors to cut out the sponge shapes
#4: Pour a little paint on paper plate
#5: Dip the sponge shape in the paint
#6: Then have the child press the sponge shape down on a piece of paper
#7: Repeat this for all the shape sponges you created.
#8: Pour glitter or sand on each painted shape 
#9: Set aside and allow to dry
#10: Once the paper is dry have the child rub their finger over the shape so they can feel the shape


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