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Garden Stepping Stone

Supplies Needed:

Bag of Quick Setting Concrete



Plastic Gloves

Container to use as your mold (plastic planter saucer, pie pan)


Materials for Stepping Stone


#1: Design your stepping stone before you begin mixing the concrete. Try drawing a picture of what you want. Then gather all the items you will use.

*Materials to use in your stepping stone: leaves, broken tiles, rocks, foot, hand, name, coins

#2: Protect your work environment by placing plastic sheeting down. Put your plastic gloves on.

#3: Begin mixing the concrete following the manufacturer’s instructions. The mixture should be a peanut butter consistency.

#4: Once the mixture is mixed place the mixture into your container. If you are using a metal container make sure to spray it with cooking spray!

#5: Place the container on a level surface so that all the bubbles can leave the mixture

#6: Set the mixture aside for a few minutes so the mixture can begin to set.

#7:When the mixture is slightly set begin decorating your stone. If you are going to place a hand or foot print, spray it with cooking spray so the concrete won’t stick!

#8: Leave the stone set for about 4 days before you pop it out of the container and place in your garden!


How does your stepping stone look? Did you enjoy making it? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!



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