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Grandparents Day Bag of Fun Craft

Supplies Needed:
Markers or Crayons
Brown paper bag

#1: Decorate the bag with Grandma and Grandpa in other languages.

Poland -- Babcia and Dziadek,
Germany -- Oma and Opa,
India -- Nana-ji and Nani-ji,
Korea -- Halmonee and Halabujee,
Greece -- Ya-ya and Pa-pu,
Japan -- Oba-chan and Oji-chan,
China -- Popo and Gong-gong,
Italy -- Nonna and Nonno,
Israel -- Savta and Saba,
Cuba -- Abuelita and Abuelito

#2: Gather items that remind you of your Grandma or Grandpa and put them into the bag.


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