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Groundhog Shadow Drawings

Supplies Needed:
Lamp or Flashlight
White Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
Dark Room

#1: Make sure you are in a dark room. Tape a piece of white construction paper on the wall behind where your child would stand.
#2:  Have your child stand sideways (so you see their profile) in front of the lamp or flashlight until their reflection shows on the wall behind them. You may need to have them move so the image of their face  is small enough to fit on the white piece of construction paper
#3: Have your child stand still while you trace their face on the white sheet of construction paper
#4: Turn the lights back on and take the white sheet of paper off the wall and glue it to the back of the black sheet of construction paper
#5: Using scissors cut your shadow out following the lines you traced on the white sheet of construction paper


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