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Groundhogs Day Mask

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Large Brown Pom Poms-2
Small Pink Pom Pom-1
String or Yarn
Hole Punch
Crayons Or Markers

#1: Color the paper plate brown using markers or crayons
#2: Draw two round circles on the top center of the paper plate , these will be the eyes of the groundhogs day mask.
#3:Cut out the circles so you now can see through the plate
#4: Draw a mouth on the lower half of the paper plate under the eyes.
#5: Cut out the mouth.
#6: Glue a pink pom pom under the eyes and before the mouth. This will be the Groundhogs nose.
#7: Glue a 2 brown pom poms on the top of the plate. These will be your Groundhogs ears.
#8: Cut your string into 2 inch pieces. You will need 6 pieces of string all together
#9: Glue 3 pieces of string to each side of the pink pom pom (or groundhogs nose). These will be your groundhogs whiskers.
#10: Place a hole on each side of the plate using the hole punch.
#11: Thread a piece of string through each hole. Long enough to fit around your child’s head.

We hope you enjoyed the Groundhog day crafts. If you did send us a picture or a comment letting us know and we will feature it on Kids Craft Zone!


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