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Grow a Snowflake

Supplies Needed:


Wide mouth jar

White Pipe Cleaner


(find this in your laundry section of the grocery store)


Boling Water

Food Coloring (optional)



#1: Twist the pipe cleaners together to form a six sided snow flake. The snowflake needs to be small enough to fit into the jar.

#2: Tie string to one end of the snowflake, tie the other end to the pencil. The string should be long enough to allow the pencil to hang from the rim of the jar. The snowflake should hang freely in the jar without touching the bottom

#3: Fill the jar with boiling water

#4: Add 3 tablespoon of borax per 1 cup of boiling water and stir. You may add a few drops of food coloring and stir.

#5: Place the snowflake into the jar with the pencil resting on the rim of the jar. The snowflake should not touch the bottom of the jar.

#6: Leave the jar and snowflake overnight

#7: Remove the snowflake from the jar and hang the snowflake as decoration!


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