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Independence Day Potato Sack Race

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers
Piece of Cardboard
Streamers (optional)
Balloon and pin (optional)

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2:  Place a piece of cardboard in between the pillow case layers. This will help keep paint from bleeding to the other side
#3: Begin decorating your pillowcase with various Independence Day icons. Such as: American flag, stars,   fireworks, rockets, 4th of July Hat, Statue of Liberty
#4: Set your pillow cases aside and allow to dry
#5: While you are waiting for you pillowcases to dry setup your start and finish lines. Use streamers or draw a line in the grass or dirt to show where the race will start and finish. Also choose someone who will pop a balloon (or yell) to begin the race and someone to stand at the finish line to determine who wins.
#6: Once your pillowcases are dry it time to start your race. Climb inside the pillow cases with both legs. You will have to hop from the starting line to the finish line faster than everyone else in order to win the race.


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