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Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament

Supplies Needed:

6 Plastic Bottles (soda or water bottles)

Small Size Rubber Bands

String or Yarn



Score Sheet: Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament.pdf (102.66 kb)


#1: Wash and dry plastic bottles

#2: Cut out 6 fish out of paper (make small sized fish, they have to fit into bottle). Decorate both sides of the fish

#3: Place the fish into the bottle. You can roll them length wise to make them fit. One fish per bottle.

#4: Place the top back on the bottle and lay the fish out on the floor

#5: Cut your string to be about 3- 4 feet long.

#6: Tie a rubber band to one end of the string, this will be your hook. Tie the other end of the string to a stick, this will be your rod

#7: You’re ready to fish! Use the rubber band to hook the top of your bottles and reel in your fish!

*Having trouble reeling in your fish, give points for getting the fish to your knees,waist and in your hands

-Example: 2 points for reeling the fish to your knees

              3 points for getting the fish to your waist

              4 points for getting the fish into your hand


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